One Thousand Rats (est. 2022) is a small board game design and publishing house based in Meanjin, Australia. We are looking to design and publish our own games, as well as games from other local designers.

We are currently fulfiling the Kickstarter for our first game, Curses and Covens. We funded at ~170% and are so grateful to all of the amazing people that backed. If you want to check out the updates and progress on our Kickstarter, click here.

Meet One Thousand Rats in two human suits:


An engineering student with a passion for board games and board game design. Always working on a new idea, David has heaps of new board game concepts waiting in the wings and is looking forward to the success of Curses and Covens helping to get more of his incredible ideas out into the world! David also loves D&D and DMs many campaigns, including multiple with his partner Samara.


A university educator with tons of hobbies and projects happening at any given time. Right now, in addition to doing illustration, graphic design, promotion, and conventions for One Thousand Rats, she is also working on her own business Rat King Co., turning handmade glass lampwork beads into unique and charming jewellery.

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