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Curses & Covens is an all verses one card game where three or more friendly Towns face off against the Witch Hunter. One player plays as the Witch Hunter and wins by capturing Witches.

The player playing the Witch Hunter attempts to keep track of where the cards are, and pushes their luck to try and collect them. The other players play as the Towns and are on the side of the Witches. They are playing a game of bluffing and silent cooperation as they try to outsmart the Witch Hunter.

The game plays through four main phases; the Census, the Arrival, the Travel, and the Hunt. These repeat until either the Witch Hunter or the Towns have won. The Census phase is the only time where the Town players are able to communicate freely. During the other phases communication is limited. The Hunt phase involves the Witch Hunter drawing cards blindly from the Towns' hands, trying to capture Witches and avoiding Rituals.

Completing Charms or Curses with the Witches the Towns have in hand can help give them an edge against the Witch Hunter.

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Curses and Covens was developed by One Thousand Rats, an indie board game publisher based in Meanjin/Brisbane.