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Magic and Meeples 

Chris on Instagram: "Last week, I posted a preview of Curses & Covens, a game created by David Walsh (@onethousandrats), with beautiful art by Samara Jethwa (@vossen.art). It'll be on Kickstarter until Nov. 10, so here's our full review to help you decide whether to back it: **** 🎨 Art & theme: The artwork is just gorgeous!! I love the pastel colors of the witches and how they contrast with the soft brown colors of the townsfolk. I especially love the diversity of all the people featured in this game, in terms of skin color, body size, clothing choices, and more! It really feels like it celebrates all people and I love that so much. 🎲 Components: All you need to play the game is the rulebook and deck of cards included in the box. It's handy for taking to game night or to a picnic with a group of friends. 🧐 Gameplay: This is an all-versus-one game about hiding witches from a witch hunter. One player is the witch hunter, and the others are towns that provide safe harbor to the witches. The game occurs in phases, which makes it easy to grasp at each stage. It's interesting because the witch hunter gets some insight into the town cards, but the towns also have the chance to then outsmart the witch hunter. The phases repeat until either the witch hunter or the towns have won. It's a game of silent cooperation by the towns and a combination of luck and deduction from the witch hunter. It's a fun and relatively quick game that can be enjoyed by larger groups. And though it's relatively light in complexity, I think even more experienced gamers can enjoy it as a filler game between brain burns. **** 🧝 Players: 4 to 6 ⏰️ Time: 15-20 min ♓️ My rating: 8️⃣ The biggest downside for us is that there's no 2-player variant. I understand it would be hard to do with this type of game... but I believe in magic! ♋️ Husband's rating: 6️⃣ This can be a good game with the right group. **** ✅️ Pros: lovely theme and art, great for groups ❌️ Cons: not good for couples ♾️ Replayability: Lots, as people take turns being the witch hunter **** Disclaimer: All thoughts in this post are our own honest opinions. This copy is a prototype, so things may change in the final version."133 likes, 19 comments - Chris (@magicandmeeples) on Instagram on November 4, 2022: "Last week, I posted a preview of Curses & Covens, a game created by David Walsh (@onethousandrats..."

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